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Our Rooms

Little Stars



Little stars is for children aged 6 weeks to 15 months.

The ratio in the room is 1 adult to every 3 children.

Our main aim is to build close relationships with each baby, so they feel happy, settled and secure in their new environment. Each child is an individual with their own needs, and your baby’s Key Person makes sure these are met at all times.

We follow the routine you have built up for your baby at home, so they’ll have their milk and naps at the same time, whether they are with you, or at nursery. This helps them settle easily, and reinforces that feeling of security. We’ll also take your lead when it comes to weaning, so your baby gets the same messages every day.

Comets room is for children aged 15 months to 3 years. 

There is a mixed ratio in this room of 1:3 for under 2 years and 1:4 for 2-3. year olds.

Staff will work along side the room lead to create exciting activities, following the children’s individual interests.

Creative activities, sensory play, construction, puzzles, books, mark-making, sand and water play are just some of the activities the children enjoy.

Comets have their own secure garden with lots of equiptment to enhance their physical development, as well as a mud kitchen for some messy cooking.

The village playground, located next to the nursery is also a favourite place to visit for the children

Rockets is our preschool room. The ratio in this room is 1 adult to 8 children

We provide a variety of play-based activities, including small world, table top games, sand and water play, sensory and creative, role play and construction and, of course, books.

Letters and sounds are introduced in a fun way, building the foundation blocks of literacy. l

The children have a Key Person who works closely with them extending their knowledge and moving them on the the next stage of learning. 

Circle time offers many opportunities for the children- we talk about our book of the month, learn the sign of the week and encourage the children to share experiences with their peers.


Delicious Meals

At Rising Stars all of our meals are cook daily on the premises. We have a 4 weekly menu offering well balanced meals and snacks. 
All specific dietary requirements are catered for and we are increasingly catering for children with specific food intolerance's and special dietary needs.

Our meal times are-

7:30-8:30 Breakfast

10:00 - Midmorning snack 

11:45 - Lunch

14:30 - Afternoon snack

16:00 -  Tea



Early Day 7:30am-6pm

7 Hour Day 8:30am-3:30pm

Half Day 8am-1pm / 1pm-6pm


We are open all year round

Opening / Session Times

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